NOTICE: Please be advised that the main entry to the Comanche Nation Administration Building is currently under construction. As a result, we kindly ask for all visitors to use caution when entering or exiting the building.  Thank you.


Bonnie Lemon, MS - Director
Airick Klann - Assistant Director

Outpatient Office:

Anna Silverhorn – Project Director Comanche Nation Indigenous Healing Project
Brittany Turner, BS - Project Director Comanche Nation Native Spirit Project
Robert Allen - Project Coordinator Comanche Nation Native Spirit Project
Rhianna Nelson - Prevention Specialist
Martin Flores - Project Director IAMNDN
Harlequin Ototivo, BS - Project Coordinator IAMNDN
Brishara Broomfield - Worksite Location
Caroline Wendichansky


Residential Treatment Center/Reintegration:

Adrianne Roughface - Administrative Assistant
Cindy Famero - Project Director Red Road Recovery Project
Edmond Nevaquaya - Cultural Counselor
Bambi Stephens-Kaudle Kaudle
Bobby McCarthy - Reentry Specialist
Quanah Karty - Project Coordinator
Jay Mule, MA – Reentry Group Facilitator
Audrey Gardner - Case Manager Project Strong Life
Christine Machado - Case Manager Tribal Opioid Response
Tito Lindsey - Security Specialist
Terry Brinkman, Jr. - Recovery Support Specialist