Prescription Assistance


Coman.che Nation Prescription Assistance Program is a supplemental program to assist our enrolled Comanche tribal members with their basic medical needs. This program has no age limit or income guidelines to receive services.


•  Complete application
•  Enrolled Comanche tribal member
•  Valid prescription from a physician

Medication (Non-Diabetic) - Assist up to $100.00 toward medication once every 30 days. For tribal members with insurance, will assist with the co-pay up to $100.00 once every 30 days.

Medical Equipment - Examples of medical equipment i.e., walker, wheelchair, shower chair, transfer bench and any other assistive devices.

Hearing Aid - Assist up to $478.00 toward cost. 

Medical Supplies - Examples of supplies i.e., wound care supplies, ostomy, colostomy, adult diapers.

Specialty Items - CPAP ( not responsible for supplies), Prosthetics (up to $300 toward cost), Mattress (must state diagnosis and medical need}. 

Dental Assistance - Assist with the purchase of dentures and/or partials {up to $795.00 once every five years).

Dental procedures  -Assist up to $1000.00 once every two years. The following documents must be submitted: (1). Complete application. (2). Copy of Comanche tribal I.D. {3). Treatment plan and W-9 from your dentist. 

It is the responsibility of the tribal member to submit all the necessary documents when applying for assistance and to contact our office to ensure that all proper documentation were received. 

Online Application

Printable Application

Prescription Assistance

Physical Address:
5 SW D Ave
Lawton, OK 73501
Phone: (580) 699-5534
Fax Number: (580) 699-5537
Mailing Address:
PO Box 908
Lawton, OK 73502


Prescription Assistance
Kevin Wahkinney


Kevin Wahkinney
Necia Morrow
Administrative Assistant
Yvonne Rodriguez
Administrative Assistant

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 5:00 pm