Student Services


Comanche Nation Youth Services core values of whole wellness: spirit, mind, and body; Culture through language, history and teachings; Citizenship with purpose & responsibility; and quality Education for all Comanche Youth align with the united efforts of the Comanche Nation’s vision for the future. Empowering our Comanche youth for a better tomorrow.
“Taa Numu Turu?etuu Numi Tuetutuanu Sika Tabeni Sukuhu Tsaatu Puetsuku” “Serving our youth today for a better tomorrow”







  • Student(s) must be enrolled with the Comanche Nation. Pending enrollment will not be accepted.
  • Student(s) must be enrolled in public, homeschool, private, charter or boarding school.
  • Student(s) must be enrolled in Pre-Kindergarten through 12th grade.

Homeschool Students

Current school year (2023-2024) homeschool curriculum receipts are to be submitted with application. If student is homeschooled via online charter or virtual academies, a letter on official letterhead is required.


Application Process

Parent/Guardian applying for the child must be the legal/custodial parent, legal guardian or caseworker at the time application is being submitted.

The parent/guardian must submit a new application (one per family) each school year.

It is the policy of CN K-12 Student Services that all information regarding the status of the application will be given only to the legal parent or guardian of the student unless otherwise stated.

All completed applications are to be submitted by mail, fax, email, or Comanche Nation Student Services web page:, once there go to “Departments” then to “Education Center” then to “Student Services.”

Please include the following documents, per student, with completed application:

  • Tribal enrollment card or letter.
  • Report Card for the previous school year (will accept progress report or awards) or form letter completed by student’s school official or a class schedule for middle and high school students.
  • Legal documents (custody order, power of attorney, etc.) stating legal custody/guardianship of the student. Only if documents have not been previously submitted.

Completed (with required documents) applications are processed by date received.

Assistance will be given in a form of a Visa Gift Card for the purchase of clothing and/or school supplies.

Handle gift card(s) as if it were personal credit card, check or cash. Lost or stolen cards cannot be replaced.

Valid ID is required upon card pickup.

The following are not permitted: toiletries, consumable items such as foods/drinks, gas, cell phones, phone cards, game cards and/or music cards, sports gear, make-up, body sprays/colognes, purses and accessories (jewelry, etc.).



Receipts are to be returned to the Program Office by fax or email. Failure to send in receipts will disqualify the applicant for future assistance.

Please note the following:

  • Fraudulent information and/or fraudulent spending of gift card are subject to ineligibility of assistance in the future.
  • Student information may be shared with other Comanche Nation Educational Programs.

Comanche Nation has a ZERO TOLERANCE policy in place. “Our staff has a right to carry out their work in a safe environment. Violence, foul language, and/or abusive behaviors are not acceptable on these premises. Verbal threats or acts of violence toward staff, associates, or visitors will not be tolerated and my result in denial of services and/or may result in prosecutions. By Executive Order of the Comanche Nation Business Committee, December 7, 2019”