Family Services

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The Comanche Nation Child Care Program's mission is to promote stronger family environments with an emphasis on strong family relationship and youth development skills.


It is the mission of Comanche Nation Child Support to promote responsible parenting so that each child has the opportunity for self-sufficiency and self-respect that honors family, community, and cultural traditions.

Our mission is to provide a secure, stable environment for our children while they are in our care.

To improve the quality of life for Older Native American Indians. This includes all Comanche elders and other tribal elders residing in the services area. Our main goal is to provide a well-balanced meal to tribal seniors and to assist them with finding resources to meet their needs.

The mission of the Comanche Nation Enrollment Department is to protect, honor, and adhere to the governance set forth by the Comanche Nation Constitution ragarding tribal membership.

The Mission of the Comanche Nation Enviromental Programs is to protect; The heatlth of our tribal members, their natural resources, and their enviroment a

sit reates to air, land, and water.  The Department vision is to serve our tribal member faster and better than the past, to utilize our time and equipment to

better service our tribal members.

To provide emergency and supportive services to victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking and human trafficking, especially to Native American Victims and their children. Also to increase public awareness of the issues through community education and training. 

To strengthen the nutritional values of low-income, rural, Native Americans by providing USDA foods.

To support our surrounding community by providing low-cost funerary services and facilities in their time of need.

To provide assistance to grandparents raising grandchildren where one party and/or the other is a Comanche tribal member.