Family Services

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The Comanche Nation Early Childhood Development Centers are here to provide quality services through partnerships with families, providers, and the community while nurturing the development of the whole child and supporting cultural and family values.


It is the mission of Comanche Nation Child Support to promote responsible parenting so that each child has the opportunity for self-sufficiency and self-respect that honors family, community, and cultural traditions.

Our mission is to provide a secure, stable environment for our children while they are in our care.

Comanche Nation Elderly Center Title VI Program

Our Mission is to improve the quality of life for Elder Native American Indians. Our main goal is to provide a well-balanced meal, to help fight hunger, food insecurities, and to assist them with resources to meet their needs within our Elderly Native American population.
The CNEC Title VI Program is a program with the specific intent to provide services to all federally recognized tribal elders 60 and above. Noon meals are served Monday through Friday from 11:45AM thru 12:45PM.
 Our priority is to serve those with the greatest...

The mission of the Comanche Nation Enrollment Department is to protect, honor, and adhere to the governance set forth by the Comanche Nation Constitution ragarding tribal membership.

To strengthen the nutritional values of low-income, rural, Native Americans by providing USDA foods.

To support our surrounding community by providing low-cost funerary services and facilities in their time of need.

To provide quality gravel driveway installation and reconstruction services for tribal members.

The mission of Comanche Nation Home Improvement Program is to provide emergency assistance to Comanche tribal members who own and live in their residence.

To protect and maintain the integrity of Comanche families that are determined to be at "at risk" of abuse and neglect and to ensure Comanche Indian children removed from their own home, due to abuse and neglect, are in the least restrictive placement.