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Health Programs

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The Edith Kassanavoid Gordon Assisted Living Center's mission is to provide qualified Comanche tribal members with a safe living environment where they can thrive while receiving medical assistance.

Comanche Nation Caregivers mission is to support qualified Comanche tribal members in their daily or routine home/health care needs.

Our mission is to support Comanche tribal elders, handicapped, and the terminally ill wtih everyday household cleaning needs.

The Comanche Nation Diabetes Program mission is to promote healthy lifestyles for the prevention and control of diabetes for  Comanche Nation tribal members through education, physical activity, and healthy nutrition in the prevention.

The mission of the Comanche Nation fitness center is to support the needs of the Nation by promoting a healthy lifestyle for Comanche tribal members through fitness, nutrition, and exercise.

 Comanche Nation Prescription Assistance's mission is to provide tribal members with assistance to acquire prescribed medicines, devices, and dental needs.

The Mission of The Comanche Nation Residential Treatment Center is to improve the physical, spiritual, and emotional health of Native Americans so they can live a life free of dependence of addictive behaviors.

Through integrating, spiritual and cultural values with evidence based approaches in substance abuse treatment.