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The mission of the Comanche Nation Administration office and staff is to assist the elected leaders in the implementation of the Comanche Nation Constitution .

The Comanche Nation Outreach Office mission is to provide assistance to Enrolled Comanche Tribal Members residing in Anadarko and surrounding communities,. 

The Edith Kassanavoid Gordon Assisted Living Center's mission is to provide qualified Comanche tribal members with a safe living environment where they can thrive while receiving medical assistance.

The Comanche Nation Capital Improvement program's mission is to enhance the physical and cultural development of the Comanche Nation. CIP administers approved capital expenditures for systematically acquiring, constructing, replacing, upgrading and rehabilitating tribal facilities as well as the renovation of aging infrastructure.

To assist Caregivers who are providing care for enrolled Comanche Tribal elders, 62 years or older and in a very fragile state where someone needs to be with them 24/7.

The Comanche Nation Early Childhood Development Centers are here to provide quality services through partnerships with families, providers, and the community while nurturing the development of the whole child and supporting cultural and family values.


It is the mission of Comanche Nation Child Support to promote responsible parenting so that each child has the opportunity for self-sufficiency and self-respect that honors family, community, and cultural traditions.

The Comanche Nation Child Care centers mission is to support their respective surrounding communites with child development services.

Our mission is to revitalize and reclaim the Comanche Language to guide and assist our Comanche People in learning our language, culture, history and teachings.


Nahmaʔai tanʉ nʉmʉniwʉnʉ! Let’s all speak Comanche together!  


The Comanche Nation Language Department provides language services for the Comanche Nation. These services include language materials, curriculum development, immersion classes, in-person community classes, online classes, a centralized language archive and database, outreach for language planning and development and commitment to building...