About Us

The Comanche Nation funds the Comanche Tribal Elders Program since 2004. The program provides personal and basic care to tribal elders having two Activities of Daily Living. They are not able to provide care for themselves and need assistance with bathing, feeding, dressing, transferring, toileting, incontinence, dementia, or Alzheimer's Disease. Elders also needing assistance with two Instrumental Activities of Daily Living including cooking, shopping, assistance with medications, answering the telephone, paying household bills, and housekeeping. With aging comes chronic conditions leading to disabilities such as heart disease, strokes, diabetes, pulmonary disease, arthritis, Osteoporosis, hypertension, vision/hearing loss.


If you are a Caregiver and you need assistance providing for your elder and they cannot bath or cook for themselves, the caregiver will cook them a meal, wash their clothes, clean their rooms, clean their bathroom, help them take their medications, and other chores. All of these basic housing keeping duties and personal care. No heavy cleaning is done such as outside work, washing windows, and other heavy duty chores.The roles are now reversed and the caregiver needs to take care of their parent, grandparent, or another relative out of necessity. The Caregiver office has applications and doctor's statements that need to be filled out by a doctor, which all needs to be returned for care services. This is an elder care program and we provide services to elders first because they are our priority. The elder needs to be 60 years or older and with the greatest need for care.

The Caregiver program works Monday, Wednesday, Friday (3 days out of the week except for holidays and bad weather days) and they are compensated, paid $10 an hour, and the work is for two weeks and then timesheets are turned in for payment. The Caregiver program provides care services for 12 weeks at a time. When the 12 weeks is over, we will start another 12 weeks with the elders that will always need care because of aging and health conditions.


We are assisting Caregivers that are providing care for elders enrolled Comanche tribal members, 60 years or older, and in a very fragile state where someone needs to be with them 24/7. Apply at the Caregiver's office at the Keith Yackeyonny Medical Building on "D" Avenue.