About Us

The Comanche Nation Environmental Programs work to eliminate hazardous materials that contaminate our soil, water, and air of the Comanche Nation. Our jurisdiction extends over 8 counties Comanche, Cotton, Tillman, Kiowa, Caddo, Stephens, Jefferson, and Grady.


Comanche Nation Environmental Protection Partners

  • US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Region 6
  • Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality (ODEQ)
  • Natural Resources Conservation Services (NRCS)
  • USPHS Environmental Health
  • Inter-tribal Environmental Council (ITEC)
  • Oklahoma Tribal Water Advisory Council
  • Native American Fish & Wildlife Society (NAFWS)
  • Inter-tribal Council of Arizona (ITCA)
  • Western Oklahoma Tribal Environmental Consortium (WOTEC)
  • Oklahoma Water Resources Research Institute (OWRRI)
  • USDA