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Comanche Nation Law Enforcement Staff

Patrol Division-

Maj Paul Reed                        LT Thomas Jones                    Cpl Galloway

Cpl Ware                                 Ptl Hawkins                            Ptl Yagley

Ptl Childers                             Ptl Chavez                               Ptl Foster

Ptl Harjo                                  Ptl House                                Ptl Kennedy   

Ptl Langham 



M. Miles                                  (Vacancy)


Criminal Investigation Division-

Maj Daly                                 Sgt Kayle Kastner                  


Communications Division-

Earla Brake                             Jennifer Caddo                       Dezimen Gomez

Candace Lonewolf                 Jessica Sommers                      Tara Wallace  


Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act

Cpl Tracy                                Ms. Yagley


Community Policing

Lt Smith- Community Policing Activity Coordinator

Ptl Lile -   Dare Officer 


Maj John Wood                      Ptl Lee Lynch