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The Comanche Nation Higher Education Department's mission is to provide support and guidance to Comanche tribal members in obtaining their educational goals.


The Comanche Nation K-12 Student Services Program is to provide supplementary assistance to Comanche tribal enrolled children and youth for basic back to school needs.

The Comanche Nation Voc-Rehab program's mission is to provide vocational rehabilitative services to American Indians (adult & youth) with disabilities residing within the CNVRP nine-county service area.

The mission of the Comanche Nation Workforce is to support employment and training services for the unemployed, newly employed, and/or currently employed Comanche Nation tribal members, and to support employment and training services for the unemployed, underemployed, or low income of different federally recognized tribal members, in order to:

  • Develop more fully the academic, occupational, and literacy skills of such individuals.
  • Make such individuals more competitive in the workforce and to equip them with the entrepreneurial skills...