Comanche Nation Secures Fee To Trust Property

Thu, 08/20/2020 - 8:48am

Thursday, August 20, 2020

History was made for the Comanche Nation on August 13, 2020. The Comanche Business Committee met in Elgin, Oklahoma to complete the final action in converting tribally owned fee land into federal trust property. Comanche Nation Chairman, William Nelson Sr. signed the deed wrapping up the extensive 7 year application process. The 79 acre tract of land, located off exit 53 on I-44, lies on the west side of the city of Elgin. It has two easements on the south and west property lines. Comanche Nation Realty Director, Stephen Lee, who has been working on the project since the beginning, said that this is a historic moment for the nation and that getting Comanche land back into trust had only happened two other times prior. The other two Comanche properties that are in trust are the Apache Community Center in Apache, and the Dorothy Sunrise Lorentino Education Center in Lawton.

Chairman Nelson stated that as far as future plans for development on the property, the options are vast. However, due to non-conformations and the continual Coronavirus pandemic crisis, numerous plans are on hold at this time.

After the deed was signed and notarized, members of the Comanche Business Committee took time to express their thoughts and condolences regarding the passing of the late Comanche Tribal Administrator, Phyllis Attocknie. The group sang two Comanche songs and Vice-Chair, LaNora J. Parker closed out the day with a solemn prayer.

The entire signing event was video documented and can be viewed at: