CN Workforce Accepts "Outstanding Grantee" Award

Friday, August 18, 2017 - 10:13am

On May 22, the Workforce department accepted an “Outstanding Grantee” award on behalf of the Comanche Nation at the 38th National Indian and Native American Employment/Public Law 102-477 Training held in Los Angeles, California. Of the 176 total Native American WIOA (Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act) programs nationally, the Comanche Nation was one of six to receive the award. The award was presented to Comanche Nation Workforce staff by the United States Department of Labor - Division of Indian and Native American Programs (DINAP) personnel. According to Jennifer Whitmore, DINAP Federal Project Offi - cer: “This past year the Comanche Nation’s Workforce Program provided and continues to provide program services through the administration of three grants which include: WIOA adult and youth grants, Health and Human Services (HHS) Native Employment Works grant, and Comanche Nation Gaming supplemental grant. The Comanche Nation’s Workforce Program served over 800 clients with only $139,911 in WIOA funds, by leveraging the aforementioned resources. The availability of a $1.9 million Comanche Nation gaming supplemental grant was a signifi cant asset to the Program and to the participants served. Of the 800 served; 25% participated in work experience with over half leading to unsubsidized employment upon completion; 400 participants participated in a training activity as follows; 44 ABE/GED training, 60 Occupational Skills Trainings, 61 On-theJob Trainings, and 235 other training services, such as, Job Readiness. In collaboration with the Great Plains Technology Center, the Comanche Nation offered a Phlebotomy I & II course. Participants that completed the program received national certifi cation and secured unsubsidized employment with Comanche County Memorial Hospital. Under the leadership of a fairly new Program Director, Mr. Justin Boos, the Comanche program has successfully increased enrollment, exceeded two of three common measures and were close in meeting the national average earnings goal. A Comanche Nation Workforce Facebook was created to reach out to the local community, connect with clients and engage youth. The Comanche Workforce team has worked hard to streamline processes in order to improve program accountability and enhance services to the community. Through a partnership and relationship with local employers and training centers, support from the Comanche Nation Administration and Business Council, and the ongoing teamwork with DINAP the Comanche Nation Workforce has been successful in administering a high performing WIOA Program. DINAP congratulates the Comanche Nation’s Workforce Program.” The award is a refl ection of all the hard work put in by the Comanche Nation Workforce staff, the fi nancial support given to the department by Comanche Nation Administration and the Business Council, the assistance provided by other Comanche Nation departments, and, most importantly, the program participants who have been successfully completing their training and obtaining full time and permanent employment. For more information on the Comanche Nation Workforce, please visit or the Comanche Nation Workforce Facebook page.