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CN EPA & Workforce Take Part In Roadside Clean Up

Friday, November 17, 2017 - 11:55am

Staff members, Quanah Karty (picture 1) and Donald Chasenah (picture 2) of the Comanche Nation Office of Environmental Programs (CNOEP) and the Workforce Office’s Grasshopper Program come together the afternoon of November 17, to assist in the Road Side Clean Up on Madeschi Rd. and McCracken Rd. to Hwy. 62, near the Comanche Nation Complex. Written in an EPA Federal Grant, which helps fund the CNOEP, the Road Side Clean Up has been written in the grant for the last two years, as a part of cleaning up the community, and to convey a message to the public, that there is proper way to dispose of trash, and, if passing cars see men cleaning up the road, they may be less likely to throw trash on the road. According to Lynn Schonchin, Assistant Director of CNOEP, since the initiative began last year, there has been a decrease of trash on the two connecting roads. Photos by Jolene Schonchin/Comanche Nation PIO-News