A Celebration For A Century

Thursday, February 1, 2018 - 8:16am

A CELEBRATION FOR A CENTURY. January 29 was a special day in Comanche Country, as Anna Wockmetooah Tahmahkera, one of the oldest living Elders of the Comanche Nation, turned 100 years old.  A birthday celebration was held at the Edith Kassanavoid Assisted Living Center to commemorate Tahmahkera. The Comanche Nation Princess, Tristen Wauqua, opened with the Lord’s Prayer, and Comanche Nation Chairman, William Nelson, pictured, read a proclamation from the Comanche Nation, and sang a song for Tahmahkera for her birthday. Mary Austin, pictured, of the Assistant Living Center, presented Tahmahkera with a personal birthday cake. An array of events filled the afternoon for hours. There were an estimated 100 people of family and friends who attended the special birthday party.