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The mission of Comanche Nation Home Improvement Program is to provide emergency assistance to Comanche tribal members who own and live in their residence.

The mission of the Human Resources Department is to focus on the Government’s most valuable asset, its employees.  We will provide leadership and guidance in the development, implementation and administration of policies and procedures, to foster a work environment that inspires excellence in employees to better serve the Comanche Nation.

To protect and maintain the integrity of Comanche families that are determined to be at "at risk" of abuse and neglect and to ensure Comanche Indian children removed from their own home, due to abuse and neglect, are in the least restrictive placement.

Our mission and primary objective is to support the Comanche Nation government in all aspects of technology.

The mission of Comanche Nation Injury Prevention is to reduce unintentional injuries caused by falls, fires, and traffic.

The mission of Comanche Nation Law Enforcement is to defend the Nation while protecting individual rights. 

The mission of Maintenance is to support the overall  operations of tribal government.

Comanche Nation Tourism's mission is to educate visitors about the authentic history of the Comanche Nation.

Our mission is to implement the regulations of NAGPRA and protect the common interest of the Comanche Nation in regards to human remains and cultural items.

To provide support to the Native American population with treatment of alcoholism within in the Lawton service area.