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The Comanche National Museum And Cultural Center (CNMCC) Provides Communities with programs and exhibits that deepen the understanding and Appreciation of Comanche history, culture, and fine art. Though collections, preservation, and education, CNMCC seeks to become a recognized resource for information about the Numunuu. With the assistance of tribal elders and enrolled Comanche Cultural Experts, CNMCC Will Strive to meet all of the above goals and provide visitors with a new understanding of the people of the great Comanche Nation.

Our mission is to provide a secure, stable environment for our children while they are in our care.

 Mission Statement:  The purpose of the Community Health Representative, Emergency Medical Services Program, and Fire Program (CHR/EMS/FIRE) is to serve as an advocate and facilitator for individuals/families of Native American decent who reside within our service area: Comanche, Cotton, Tillman, and portions of Caddo, Jackson, Jefferson, and Stephens counties to gain access to comprehensive health care and services.

The Comanche Nation Crime Stoppers' mission is to foster the community's relationship with law enforcement in order to reduce and eliminate criminal activity within Comanche Nation jurisdiction.

The Comanche Nation Dallas Outreach Office mission is to provide assistance to Enrolled Comanche Tribal Members residing in the Dallas Metroplex and surrounding areas.

The Comanche Nation Diabetes Awareness Program's Mission is to promote a healthy, self-care lifestyle by providing education and guidance in the areas of Prevention and control of diabetes, physical and nutritional health, which will benefit adult participants.

The Dorothy Sunrise Lorentino Education Center houses several educational related Comanche Nation departments/programs and provides a learning environment for Comanche Nation tribal members. Departments/Programs currently stationed here are: Comanche Nation Workforce (WIOA), Comanche Nation Higher Education, Comanche Nation K-12 Student Services, Comanche Nation Vocational Rehabilitation, Comanche Nation Early Childhood Development Center, and the Comanche Nation Youth Program.

Comanche Nation Elderly Center Title VI Program

Our Mission is to improve the quality of life for Elder Native American Indians. Our main goal is to provide a well-balanced meal, to help fight hunger, food insecurities, and to assist them with resources to meet their needs within our Elderly Native American population.
The CNEC Title VI Program is a program with the specific intent to provide services to all federally recognized tribal elders 60 and above. Noon meals are served Monday through Friday from 11:45AM thru 12:45PM.
 Our priority is to serve those with the greatest...

The mission of the Comanche Nation Election Office is to conduct accurate, secure and accessible elections.

Major goals of this mission include:

• Uphold the integrity of the electoral process 

• Educate the public about the election process

• Increase voter participation

• Administer impartial elections in a manner that instills public confidence in the confidentiality, accuracy,

efficiency and fairness of the election process and to enforce Election laws.

Documents: Absentee Ballot Request Form Election Policy 


Comanche Nation Emergency Management's mission is to assist Comanche tribal members with emergency preparedness, disaster releif, and recovery efforts in our 9 county service area.