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Our mission is to implement the regulations of NAGPRA and protect the common interest of the Comanche Nation in regards to human remains and cultural items.

To provide support to the Native American population with treatment of alcoholism within in the Lawton service area.

The Comanche Nation Child Care centers mission is to support their respective surrounding communites with child development services.

The Comanche Nation Outreach office in OKC mission is to assist our Comanche tribal members in the OKC and surrounding areas with services provided by the Comanche Nation of Oklahoma.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality of life for our Comanche Nation Tribal members in the years to come through a better vision

 Comanche Nation Prescription Assistance's mission is to provide tribal members with assistance to acquire prescribed medicines, devices, and dental needs.

“The Mission of the Comanche Nation Residential Treatment Center is to empower the personal transformation of individuals suffering from chemical dependence, by providing a holistic approach toward healing and recovery, in a safe and compassionate environment, in order to maintain a life free of addiction.”

Property & Procurement's mission is to provide efficient and uniform procurement processes in support of the Comanche Nation.

To inform the Comanche Nation membership of the latest activities of the nation and to serve as a social outlet for current affairs and historical data.

The Realty Office provides the Comanche Nation with assistance in all real estate matters.