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The mission of the Comanche Nation Finance departmnet is to provide services related to the financial needs of all departments while assuring that all transations adhere to policies and procedures, generally accepted accounting principles, as well as rules established by any authoritative governing bodies.

The mission of Comanche Nation Fire Program is to assist with fire related emergencies and/or medical assistance.

The mission of the Comanche Nation fitness center is to support the needs of the Nation by promoting a healthy lifestyle for Comanche tribal members through fitness, nutrition, and exercise.

To strengthen the nutritional values of low-income, rural, Native Americans by providing USDA foods.

To support our surrounding community by providing low-cost funerary services and facilities in their time of need.

To provide assistance to grandparents raising grandchildren where one party and/or the other is a Comanche tribal member.

Our mission is to maximize resources available to the Comanche Nation, in order to build community capacity for resilience and focus on long-term sustainability in accordance with priorities and programming set forth by the Comanche Nation administration.

Our mission is to support tribal members in rural areas by ensuring they have safe and reliable driveways.

The Comanche Nation Higher Education Department's mission is to provide support and guidance to Comanche tribal members in obtaining their educational goals.

To preserve historic and sacred landmarks of the Comanche Nation