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The mission of the Compliance Office is to keep Comanche Nation in compliance with all tribal and federal laws and regulations pertaining to grants and contracts. The office also enforces tribal policies and procedures.

The Comanche Nation Crime Stoppers' mission is to foster the community's relationship with law enforcement in order to reduce and eliminate criminal activity within Comanche Nation jurisdiction.

The Comanche Nation Dallas Outreach Office mission is to provide assistance to Enrolled Comanche Tribal Members residing in the Dallas Metroplex and surrounding areas.

The Comanche Nation Diabetes Program mission is to promote healthy lifestyles for Comanche Nation tribal members through education, physical activity, and healthy nutrition in the prevention and control of diabetes.

The mission of the Comanche Nation Elderly Center is to improve the quality of life for elderly Native Americans.


The Purpose of the Election office is to facilitate the election process under the Comanche Business Committee pursuant to the Comanche Constitution  Article VI, Section 7 (b) and Article VII, Section 2

Comanche Nation Emergency Management's mission is to assist Comanche tribal members with emergency preparedness, disaster releif, and recovery efforts in our 9 county service area.

The mission of the Comanche Nation Enrollment Department is to protect, honor, and adhere to the governance set forth by the Comanche Nation Constitution ragarding tribal membership.

The mission of the Comanche Nation Environmental Programs is to protect, preserve and maintain the health of the Nation's environment.

The Comanche Nation Family Assistance Center mission is to provide shelter and care for individuals and family victims from crimes of domestic violence against women and their children.