About Youth Program

“Taa Numu Turu?etuu Numi Tuetutuanu Sika Tabeni Sukuhu Tsaatu Puetsuku”

(“Serving our youth today for a better tomorrow”)


The purpose of the Comanche Nation Youth Program is to provide prevention and safety efforts to avert and reduce the negative effects of today’s times. The CNYP accomplishes this by providing year around activities which incorporate Culture, Education, Wellness, and Life Skills. This will result in lifelong positive life experiences.

Planned activities are coordinated by trained youth staff. Participation will be reinforced by incentives offered for attendance, academics, and physical participation. This effort will result in enabling our Comanche Youth to achieve a better tomorrow not just for the individual but for all of the Comanche Nation.

The Comanche Nation Youth Program is a year round program with two sessions an After School Program and Summer Program. Youth Program provides a safe learning atmosphere to focus on our four main goals Culture, Education, Wellness, and Life Skills for Comanche enrolled youth ages 6-18.