About Us

The Comanche Nation Child Support Program logo begins with the traditional Comanche home in mind. Our staff has taken the time to bring a meaningful logo together that coincides with our mission statement and represents who we are. The Comanch Nation Child Support Program is tailored to the way of life as interpreted through this logo:


The tipi was the traditional home of the Comanche people. This, being the center of the logo, represents Comanche way of life as well as being the center of what our focus is within the child support field. The handprints are left to interpretation as being the hands of family or the community that is involved to support the needs of our children. It may also represent the children themselves who need our voice of advocacy. Parenting can sometimes take the wayside, but by tying that absent parent back to the child, they can keep self-sufficiency and self-respect alive.


Keeping our traditions alive is an important effort for Comanche people. This keeps our culture strong and keeps us focused on who we are. The eagle feathers remind the staff and signify to the people that we will not forget who we serve and to carry out our service with respect to our Comanche culture.


The waterbird is regarded as a religious symbol to the Comanche people. Its feathers, when used in a fan, may carry strong medicine of healing power. Religion was always an important factor in our culture. Prayers in community events are still strong. Acknowledgement of God was never denied His existence. So, this symbol has its place in the logo to represent all life, religion and healing that broken family bond.


Last, but not least, is our tribal seal. The representative meaning on the Comanche shield is indicative of itself, which represents the people themselves, Numumu - Lords of the Plains. This symbol as a whole is a reminder to the program staff that this is who we represent. We display this seal proudly to show that we are part of a sovereign nation under God.


Program History

The Comanche Nation has always supported meaningful programs that enhance the lives of Comanche children. In 2005 a grant was submitted to the Office of Child Support Enforcement, a department within the Administration for Children and Families, Health and Human Services. The grant was awarded in 2006 and the Comanche Nation Child Support Program (CNCSP) came into being.


Current Status

We are proud to announce that we are currently a comprehensive IV-D program. This means that we have passed the Federal Review process to manage child support cases. We will be glad to assist any tribal member needing our services. Please contact us through one of the methods shown below.

Services we provide are Paternity Establishment, Child Support Establishment, Support Order Modification and Enforcement of Support Orders; and the Location of Non-custodial parents.

Your business with us is of an extremely high level of confidentiality and that assurance of due process rights of the individuals involved will be protected. Safeguarding of information is maintained and administrative procedures, procedures for income withholding and distribution of child support collections are adhered to by mandate of the Federal Government.

We are now across the street in the Comanche Nation Family Services building located at 1921 East Gore Boulevard, next to the Business Center to provide a more comforting and secure environment for our clients.