About Us

As a service to the tribal members, the Comanche Nation PIO produces and mails a monthly publication titled The Comanche Nation News (TCNN). Through this newspaper, the PIO services 13,712 tribal households and tribal individuals who read the publication by informing them of activities of the tribal government, tribal programs, tribal organizations, and tribal members who have achieved awards and recognition. The tribal newspaper also has a total of 60 newspaper racks and drop sites from Oklahoma City to Devol, Okla.  

Because it is a service, the advertisements in the paper are at low cost. The money raised through advertisement goes back to the community through outreach services such as sponsorships to schools (i.e. T-shirts and ads in Yearbooks), souvenirs for tribal members at the Comanche Nation Fair, as well as training for the staff, to cut the cost of the PIO Budget.

The PIO also services the tribal community by releasing information to area newspapers, television stations, radio, social networking and web media. This information is released through Press Releases, Media Releases, Display Ads, and Classified Ads. The information is derived from the tribal administration and tribal programs. The PIO sets up and mediates all media interviews between the tribal programs, and tribal officials. If requested, the PIO can speak on behalf of any program or representative during interviews.

Keeping up with modern internet technology, The Comanche Nation News, through the PIO, has launched a Facebook page, and Twitter page where event flyers, job listings of the Comanche Nation, and other tribal community information is shared. The PIO updates the page daily, giving followers up-to-the-minute news of activities and information.

Working with the Comanche Nation’s Information Technology Department, we have implemented Mass Texting system where tribal members can receive tribal information on their cell phones. There are  901 cell phones who receive the mass texts from the PIO Office, which is a decrease of 109 subscribers since the last Fiscal Year.

In addition, we contribute to the Comanche Nation YouTube Channel called "The Comanche Nation", where video footage of events is shown.

We release video news segments, and plan to increase the number of produced videos in the upcoming Fiscal Year, placing them on the new Comanche Nation Website, Facebook page, and Twitter page.

The PIO promotes the history and the language awareness of the Comanche Nation by conducting tours of the Comanche Nation Complex, and by traveling to schools and organizations, educating the public about the rich heritage, beautiful language, and governmental structure the Comanche Nation possesses.  The Comanche Nation PIO also creates flyers and brochures upon request for tribal programs, organizations, and tribal members.

The PIO also serves the Comanche Nation by archiving past publications of the Comanche Newsletter and present publications of The Comanche Nation News. The PIO has a Notary Public on staff to serve the tribal members with notarizing documents free of charge.

PIO is also an essential part of the Comanche Nation Emergency Management Team, when activated, and has completed all the Emergency Management PIO training for both the State Emergency Management as well as FEMA. When the Emergency Management Team is activated, the PIO staff runs the Emergency Management Hotline, is responsible for all outgoing and incoming information to the Emergency Management Team, and sets up outside media sources for Press conferences, in a safe area away from potential danger.

The Comanche Nation PIO is a Notary Public, where tribal members can get papers notarized at no cost.