Comanche Nation Tax Commission Investigates Oil & Gas Royalties

Friday, October 22, 2021 - 4:23pm

Among the most sacred duties of government after the protection and safety of its people is the protection of the people’s resources. As elected officials of any organized government this holds true. While the Comanche people have suffered much loss of its land and resources much remains to be cared for.

Accountability must be demanded of all involved in the stewardship of Tribal Assets, whether it be Elected officials, Tribal Employees or Contractors and Vendors who do business with and in the Comanche Nation. This accountability is rooted in accounting and accounting systems. The first responsibility of the Comanche Nation Tax Commission is to assure the Nation’s Tax revenue is properly billed and collected.

Contractors and Vendors who pay late must be fined and those fines collected. Penalties must be accessed and paid to prevent the abuse of Comanche Nation Assets in the future. Investments must be made and systems must be established to facilitate efficient revenue collection with minimal defaults and delinquencies. In cases where Operators are negligent or abusive of Comanche Nation Lands or Resources, liens must be filed for damages and those leases cancelled. In cases where Operators refuse or do not have the necessary capital investment to produce Oil and Gas sufficiently those leases must be cancelled to make way for new firms with the necessary investment to produce the resources sufficient to pay royalties to Comanche Landowners.

In the modern age of COVID, social distancing and zoom, the Tax Commission is seeking to make the necessary investment to assure timely and accurate collection of the Nation’s Oil & Gas Severance Tax revenues. The tasks to be accomplished are to improve the billing and collection of current oil and gas severance taxes, access fines and penalties for those producers who are not paying tax when due, cancel leases on wells that are not producing sufficiently to pay royalties to Comanche Landowners. Engage with new producers who are willing and able to invest the necessary funds to produce quantities that will pay royalties to Comanche Nation Citizens.