Classroom Training Service - LTCNA & BLS CPR Training Courses

Wednesday, March 17, 2021 - 7:28am

So far, with the launch of our event and partnership with Great Plains Technology Center (GPTC), we have had only three (3) applicants apply for the Long-Term Care Certified Nurse Aide (LTCNA) and Basic Life Support (BLS) CPR training courses. We plan on assistancing at least nine (9) applicants, so we are six (6) applicants away from our goal! Please remember to check the Workforce Facebook page for the update, revised LTCNA Flyer for more information. WIOA will assist in all payments associated with tutition, books/supplies, scrubs, and lunch, so the only thing needed from the applicant, is committment to this opportunity. LTCNA's are in high demand right now during this pandemic, so apply now!!