Chairman Nelson Makes Statement on Funeral Home Closure

Thu, 06/11/2020 - 8:38am



The recent mandate for quarantine of our own Funeral Home is warranted. The Comanche Nation is following the Center for Disease Control (CDC) protocol and practices. The Nation has been proactive in all situations that calls for safety of every Comanche Nation member. This event is no different, and should be looked upon as 100% safety first.


Those members who have lost a loved one-

1. The same costs associated with burial has not changed (is guaranteed) by the 2019 Tribal Council approval of program "Burial Assistance."

2. The same application and help associated for bereavement assistance (is guaranteed) by the the 2019 Tribal Council approval of program "Bereavement."

3. The Comanche Nation has set the dates of quarantine: June 9, 2020 through June 23, 2020.


We are all saddened by numberous issues that the entire world has no control over. We will always honor our loved ones that have gone home. We will one day overcome this virus and normalcy will return. Until that day we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this situation has caused.

-Chairman William Nelson, Sr.


For any/all Comanche Nation Funeral Services please CALL (580) 351-0045 24 hours a day.


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