Per Capita Payments Mailed Out

Friday, November 17, 2017 - 11:49am

This week, thousands of Comanche tribal members across the nation anxiously awaited the day their annual Per Capita money was posted to their bank accounts or delivered in their mailboxes. This year’s distribution date was November 15. With the holidays around the corner, the extra money comes in handy for Comanche families, as they prepare for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Whether tribal members use their per cap money to buy gifts, pay bills, buy necessities for their family, or save it for a rainy day, the annual financial distribution helps the local economies where Comanche tribal members live. The per capita money is the Comanche tribal members’ return on their investments from the Comanche Nation Casinos, said Comanche Tribal Administrator, Jimmy Arterberry. Comanche Elders, age 62 years and older, will be honored by the Comanche Nation on Elder Day, 10 a.m., December 8, at the Comanche County Fairgrounds, 920 SW Sheridan Rd., Lawton, OK.