Tribal Council

Tribal Council



Vision Statement


We the members of the tribe with faith in the purposes of our Supreme Being, with abounding pride in our ancient racial heritage and with the determination to promote, through united efforts, the general well-being of our tribe and to secure to ourselves and our descendants the rights, powers and privileges provided by law, do solemnly ordain and establish the Comanche Nation.



Mission Statement


The mission of the Comanche Nation shall be, to define, establish and safe guard the rights, powers and privileges of the tribe and its members, to improve the economic, moral, educational and health status of its members and to cooperate with and seek the assistance of the United States in carrying out mutual programs to accomplish these purposes by all possible means and to promote in other ways the common well-being of the tribe and its membership.



The Principles of the Constitution:


1. The Tribal Council shall consist of all members of the Comanche Nation who are eighteen (18) years of age or older


2. There shall be an annual meeting of the Tribal Council on the third Saturday in April of each year at 1:30 p.m. at the Comanche Tribal Complex, Lawton, Oklahoma, or such other place as the Business Committee shall determine.


3. In addition to the annual Tribal Council meeting, the Tribal Chairman shall be required to call a special Tribal Council meeting in the following cases:


  • Upon written request by the Commissioner of Indian Affairs or his authorized representative; or
  • When he is so requested in writing by as many as three members of the Business Committee, setting forth the purpose of the meeting; or
  • When he is so requested by a petition signed by two hundred (200) eligible voters of the Comanche Nation, setting forth the purpose of the meeting consistent with the constitution; or
  • Should the Tribal Chairman refuse to call and hold a meeting of the tribal councilor neglect to do so for thirty (30) days after he is duly requested, the Commissioner of Indian Affairs or his authorized representative shall be authorized to call such special meeting and shall do so by notifying the officers and members of the Business Committee of the date thereof.


4. Notice of all meetings of the Tribal Council, including the annual meeting, shall be given by the Secretary-Treasurer as follow:


  • By mailing a postal card letter to each member of the Business Committee at least ten (10) days prior to the meeting date, stating the date, time, place and purpose of the meeting, and
  • By posting at a public place and inserting at least two (2) weeks prior to the meeting date a notice in two (2) local newspapers containing the same information as set forth above. Radio, television, or other media of notice may also utilized depending on availability and at the discretion of the Business Committee.


5. Voters of the Tribe shall be members of the Tribal Council who otherwise qualify. All voters taken during Tribal Council meetings shall, at the discretion of the Chairman, be by standing vote or by ballot.


6. No action shall be taken by the Tribal Council unless a quorum is present. A quorum shall consist of one hundred and fifty (150) eligible voters.


7. Subject to the approval of the Secretary of the Interior or his authorized representative where applicable, the authority of the Comanche Tribal Council shall include and be exclusive with respect to the following:


  • To change, modify, alter or revoke membership rules.
  • To execute leases, contracts or permits for five (5) or more years with regard to property which is owned exclusively by the Comanche-Nation, but this does not include any individually-owned land or personal property.
  • To elect tribal officer and members of the business committee and to fill vacancies which may occur pursuant to Article VII.
  • To authorize the expenditure of funds which maybe deposited to the exclusive credit to the Comanche Nation and of funds which may be deposited to the joint credit of the Kiowa, Comanche and Apache Tribes.
  • To select and authorize tribal delegations to transact business on behalf of the tribe. When travel is involved, the terms of the resolution shall include the purpose of the trip and the existence of the delegation's authority.
  • The salary for the Chairman of the Business Committee shall be established by the Tribal Council by the adoption of an annual tribal operating budget. Salary for all other members of the business committee shall be two hundred and fifty dollars ($250) per month.


8. All minutes of the Tribal Council meetings shall be published in a manner to be determined by the Tribal Council.


9. To hire an Administrator/Manager to administrate the tribal government. The Administrator/Manager shall be under the direction of Business Committee. Members of the Business Committee shall not be an employee of the tribal government.


10. To hire an attorney to represent the tribe in legal matters.