Tribal Employment Rights Office

Tribal Employment Rights Office


The Comanche Nation’s Tribal Employment Rights Office was created in 1985 to effectively administer the Tribal Employment Rights Ordinance (TERO) that enables the Nation to exercise it’s inherent sovereign powers by allowing the Nation’s TERO Office to assist in and require the fair equitable employment of the members of the Comanche Nation as well as other Native Americans, to prevent discrimination against Native Americans in employment practices of employers who are doing business within the jurisdictional service area of the Comanche Nation.


In addition to this tribal code of law, the TERO office uses a variety of legal tools to ensure that the Comanche Nation receives our rightful share of employment and other economic opportunities on or near the Nation’s reservation area. We are currently taking great strides in identifying and protecting the right, resources and opportunities of our people.


This type of advocacy is being brought to the protect and assert the employment rights of Native American’s regarding employment and contracting opportunities by approximately 300 Native American Nations that have established TERO. There are currently only 11 TERO programs in the State of Oklahoma.



To help improve the quality of life for Comanche Nation members and other Native American families through the development and assertion of Native American Preference laws and the contracting rights of preferential employment, training, business and economic opportunities on and near the Comanche Nation jurisdictional service area.



To advocate for the development of employment and training opportunities for a skilled Comanche workforce and create positive economic impacts within the Nation.



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