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Comanche Nation Environmental Programs mission is to protect, preserve and maintain the health of our tribal members, as well as educate our tribal members, and their natural resources and environment as it relates to the air, land and water. The department vision is to improve our services to our Comanche tribal members, by utilizing our man power and equipment to assist our tribal members in a timely manner, with cooperation and compassion.


Our Motto: To Protect, Preserve and Maintain


The Comanche Nation Environmental Programs work to eliminate hazardous materials that contaminate our soil, water and air of the Comanche Nation.  Our jurisdiction extends over 8 counties Comanche, Cotton, Tillman, Kiowa, Caddo, Stephens, Jefferson & Grady.

Comanche Nation works together in partnership with:


  • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Region 6
  • Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality (ODEQ)
  • Natural Resources Conservation Services (NRCS)
  • USPHS Environmental Health
  • Inter-tribal Environmental Council (ITEC)
  • Oklahoma Tribal Water Advisory Council
  • Native American Fish & Wildlife Society (NAFWS)
  • Inter-tribal Council of Arizona(ITCA)
  • Western Oklahoma Tribal Environmental Consortium(WOTEC)
  • Oklahoma Water Resources Research Institute (OWRRI)
  • USDA


Water Quality Division

Comanche Nation Water Resources Technicians perform routine spot and duration testing of water quality of the major lakes, rivers, streams and creeks within the jurisdictional boundaries of the Comanche Nation. Testing for various parameters, including pH, turbidity, nitrate-N, dissolved oxygen, temperature and conductivity.

Tribal members with drinking water wells may receive water testing services upon request, from our office at no cost. Upon receipt of analysis a final written report will be given back to tribal member detailing all findings.

Water is a precious resource and universal necessity of life not only for humans but plants and animals. The consumption of water is necessary to sustain life. Safe drinking water is a primary environmental health concern.

Both rural water and city water is treated through a stringent process. However, if this water has an unusual odor or color please contact our office, and your local provider, as soon as possible.

Indoor Air Quality Division


Mold Inspection


Comanche Nation Indoor Air Quality Inspectors perform Mold inspection upon receiving a completed application. GPS will be done on all sites. The inspector will do air quality testing and take samples (if needed) using the Bio-Pump and tape lifts as well as visual inspection and pictures. Upon the receipt of analysis a final written report will be done then the inspector will inform the tribal member of the findings and a copy of the report will be presented to tribal member.

Molds are usually not a problem indoors, unless mold spores land on a wet or damp sport and begin to grow. Molds have the potential to cause health problems.  Allergic reactions to mold are common.  Molds can also cause asthma attacks in people with asthma who are allergic to mold.  Mold spores will not grow if moisture is not present. Molds can gradually destroy the things they grow on.  You can prevent damage to your home and furnishings, save money, and avoid potential health problems by controlling moisture and eliminating mold growth.  When water leaks or spills occur indoors ACT QUICKLY. If wet or damp materials or areas are dried 24-48 hours after a leak or spill happens, in most cases mold will not grow.

Moisture control is the key to mold control.

Air Duct Inspection


Upon receiving a completed application and a call arranging a time and date for an inspection, the Certified Air Duct Inspector will come into your home and will use a High Definition (HD) camera, showing a live recording on a laptop of the dust particles and contaminates in the air ducts of your home.  At the completion of the inspection, it will be determined by the inspector if your homes air duct system needs a thorough cleaning.  During the cleaning a vacuum machine with a hose attached to a brush will be inserted into the duct and begin to break the debris and dust particles up while removing them from the ducts and out of your home.

Today our homes and workplaces are air-tight and energy efficient.  This means that they trap pollutants and contaminants inside, which lowers the quality of the air we breathe.  Homes and offices have contaminated air that is circulated through the central heating and air systems.  Even frequent filter changes cannot stop this contamination.  Contamination builds up over time in your air system.  This build-up will reduce the efficiency of your air system, shorten its operation life, and continue to circulate the contaminants throughout your home.

Indoor pollution sources that release gases or particles into the air are the primary cause of indoor air quality problems in homes.  Inadequate ventilation can increase indoor pollutant levels by not bringing in enough outdoor air to dilute emissions from indoor sources and by not carrying indoor air pollutants out of the home.  High temperature and humidity levels can also increase concentrations of some pollutants.

Dust aggravates breathing problems, causes burning/itching eyes, itchy skin, and can also make allergy problems worse.  House dust is more dangerous than outdoor dust because it has bacteria, pollen, skin flakes, decaying organic matter, fungi, hair, dust mites, viruses, textile fibers residue from chemicals, and many other contaminants.


Solid Waste Division


Dump Trailer Program


Comanche Nation Solid Waste program has changed to bulk item pick up. Dump trailers will no longer be left at homes. Upon receiving a completed application an assessment will be conducted then we will set an appointment date for pickup. For at home pick up, items must be separated into groups of metal objects, tree limbs/wood, furniture, appliances, and trash. Tires and batteries will only be accepted at the EPA office.



Illegal Dumpsite Clean-up


Upon receiving a completed application the tribal member will be contacted to set a time up for the dump-site to be inspected. Assessments will be done to determine how hazardous the site is the will determine where to start with our cleanup and what equipment is needed. GPS will also be done on all sites.  Currently, due to limited equipment, jobs that require heavy duty equipment are on hold.  We still accept completed applications and jobs will be placed accordingly.

Working with our tribal members we can keep our lands and homes clean with proper disposal of waste.  Illegal dumping is the depositing of solid waste on trust land other than an approved facility.

You MAY NOT dispose of your trash along roadways, in fields, wooded areas, stream valleys (creeks), & park-lands. 

Recycling Division

In this division we have placed containers around the tribal complex to collect recyclable items like aluminum cans, #1, and #2 plastics.  We also provide a Recycle Bin to collect all previously listed items in addition to, batteries and paper.  The Solid Waste department currently rotates the Recycle Bin location to several Comanche Nation locations.  This includes the tribal community buildings in Apache, Walters, and the Cahoma building in Cache.  We also place the Recycle Bin in the parking lot of the Comanche Nation tribal complex.  Members can bring their tires and old batteries to the Environmental department office. to be properly disposed of, during business hours throughout the year.

The Comanche Nation Solid Waste department is very proud to mention that our Annual Tire and Battery Drive has helped our communities in properly disposing of tires and batteries with collecting 3,000 tires yearly.  Our Annual Tire and Battery Drive, held every February, is open to the public and takes place in the Anadarko, Apache, Cache, and Walters communities.

The Comanche Nation Environmental Program held our 5th Annual Earth Day event on April 22, 2015.  We had several students from surrounding schools and many tribal members in attendance.  We also had several vendors and other Environmental Entities, as well as our own divisions set up booths to share information and helpful tips on being more environmentally aware.  Our 5th Annual Earth Day even was a great success and planning for our next year has begun!





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