Cahoma Building

The Cahoma Community Center was first named The Cahoma Industrial Development Corporation. It was formed in September 1964 by William Quetone, Lucille McClung, Laverna Chappabitty, Dick Codopony, Vernon Cable, Nick Tahchawwickah, Marjorie Kelley, Joseph Lonetree, Frank Poafpybitty, and Howard Niyah. The purpose for the cooperation was to promote industrial development in the communities of Indiahoma and Cache.


During the past year, and Education Program has been established at the community center that includes an After School Program with Brian Quetone as the director. There is a flea market on the second Saturday of each month that is handled by Jordan Fox. There are numerous hand games, powwows, gospel singing, funerals, etc. that are held at the community center.


To reserve the building, call the center at (580) 429-0015 .