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Increasing threshold to decrease disruption

The Comanche Nation is on the threshold of being strong in total stability than

it has been in decades. Serious reforms demanded by voters and implemented by

Tribal leadership is progressing. The wisdom of the Comanche people has paid off.

Just two years ago, the Comanche Nation was almost bankrupt. We only had $55,000

in the bank. The lawyers at that time were advising the Nation to shut down our

government, and the future looked bleak.

The Recall Process has been abused, this is a known fact. The Comanche Business

Committee strives to operate with transparency and accountability but we also

need stability. Stability is a critical element of any successful Tribal government

but our stability is in jeopardy because of our Constitution's outdated process for

recall petitions.

We cannot have stability when recall petitions are continual with few merits of any

truth to the reasons. Our current laws allow any member to file a recall petition

against any elected leader with just 200 signatures. What is needed in the upcoming

secretarial election is raising that threshold to 10% of our registered voters; which

is not out of line and still below many prominent Tribes in Oklahoma. The Chickasaw

Nation requires 25 percent of registered voters, Kiowa Tribe 30 percent, Cherokee

Nation 15 percent and the Choctaw Nation requires signatures from 40 percent.

For instance, one person alone has filed 27 recall petitions in our current past.

Allow me to put that in perspective. Those 27 recall petitions cost the Comanche

Nation almost $500,000. Think of all of the social services we could have provided;

relief to thousands of families who can’t afford to cool their homes during summer

months or warm their homes in the winter. Instead, we spent that money to entertain

one person’s wish. What a waste! Our recall petition process has to change.

You have a chance to vote Yes on a very important amendment to our Constitution and

we need your vote. Every Comanche must vote Yes in the upcoming election.

We, as a people, have worked very hard to bring transparency and accountability to

tribal government. Now we must provide something just as important: Stability. A

stable government is an effective government. And our role in the world is too

important to be unstable.

We the people have decided the Comanche Nation is here to STAY.  What does that mean?




Yes on the amendment!

Let's show the world the Comanche Nation is here to STAY. Please vote Yes on the amendment

by September 8th.

~ Chairman William Nelson


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