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Comanche Nation Office of Environmental Programs

The Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Program will not be performing the following service (Air Duct Cleanings) do to the upcoming summers rising temperatures. The ADC procedure requires the tribal renter or owner of the dwellings to turn off the AC unit until the cleaning procedure has been complete often taking more than an hour to do so. During this time the inside temperature of the house can rise well above 95 degrees or more, putting the IAQ crew and occupants at risk for possible heat injuries (heat exhaustion or heat stroke). The IAQ department will not be performing the ADC service from the ending of June to the middle of September. All other IAQ services like (Air Duct Assessments, Mold investigations, Mold Sampling, Lead Sampling, Radon Vapor Testing, and Energy Audits) will continue to be performed.


IAQ Office: 580-492-3537, IAQ Cell: 580-699-1967, Fax: 580-492-3733