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Press Release: Comanche Nation Off High Risk


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November 30, 2016


Comanche Nation Off of High Risk Status


A milestone was reached when the Comanche Nation received a letter from the BIA (Bureau of Indian Affairs) November 29, announcing the Comanche Nation is off of “High Risk” status. The notice, dated November 21, states:

"Dear Chairman Nelson,
this is to notify the Tribe that the Bureau of Indian Affairs acknowledges the accomplishment of the Tribe in completion of all corrective actions to obtain removal of the “High Risk Contractor/Grantee” status which was imposed upon the tribe on June 11, 2008. As such, we hereby notify you that the Tribe is officially being removed from High Risk Status.”

Past findings, such as not turning in reports, and other measures, kept the Tribe on “High Risk,” and hindered attaining some grants.

“This is quite an accomplishment,” said Denise Karty, Comanche Nation Compliance Director. “I was hired to get the Tribe off of High Risk. It took three years to get, and now applying for grants will be easier and more promising.” Karty also explained the Tribe will receive federal funding money up front. “Currently, we use gaming money, and the Bureau reimburses the tribe. Now that we are off of High Risk status, we will not have to use Gaming Money.”

William Nelson, Comanche Nation Chairman, said, “This is great news for the Comanche Nation. The Federal Government has taken the Sovereign Comanche Nation off of ‘High Risk’. Please take time to thank our Tribal Administrator, Business Committee, and the numerous employees that worked their entire past fiscal year to take us to a progressive and fiscally responsible organization.”

Comanche Nation Vice Chairman, Susan Cothren, said that it is a good day for the Comanche Nation. Cothren signed two letters to the BIA, through Karty, asking when the Tribe could get off of High Risk,

and what steps were needed to make it happen. She and Karty pursued the task, and Chairman, Willie Nelson, followed up with a third letter.

“This shows the BIA has faith in this administration, and is working with us,” said Cothren. “We had to prove ourselves to them, and we did.”

Cothren acknowledged Tribal Administrator, Jimmy Arterberry, for making sure tribal programs stayed within their budgets, and the CBC (Comanche Business Committee) for their careful spending of tribal money.

“Now, we can pursue more grants to help our Comanche People,” Cothren added.