August CBC Meeting

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2017 Fair Special Guest


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Chairman Nelson PSA

Increasing threshold to decrease disruption The Comanche Nation is on the threshold of being strong in total stability than it has been in decades. Serious reforms demanded by voters and implemented by Tribal leadership is progressing. The wisdom of the Comanche people has paid off. Just two years ago, the Comanche Nation was almost bankrupt. We only had $55,000 in the bank. The lawyers at that time were advising the Nation to...

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August CBC Meeting Livestream

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Secretarial Election Registration

Attention Comanche Nation Tribal Members   The Secretarial Election Board will set-up a registration table at the   Comanche Nation Complex New Conference Room 1:00 pm - 4:00pm, Tuesday, August 8th   For adult tribal members to register to vote in the upcoming Secretarial election....

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Secretarial Election Information

United States Department of the Interior Bureau of Indian Affairs Southern Plains Regional Office Post Office Box 368 Anadarko, Oklahoma 73005   IN REPLY REFER TO: Tribal Government Services 405/247-1534 or 580/560-4463   July'26, 2017   Dear Tribal Voter:   The Comanche Nation Business Committee submitted Resolution Number 0617-02 which proposed a constitution amendment. The resolution also requested the Secretary of the Interior conduct an election to allow the Comanche Nation tribal members the opportunity to vote on the ratification or rejection of the...

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RFP for Museum Exterior Paint


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Workforce: Nurse Aide & Phlebotomy Course


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About The Comanche Nation

Comanche tribal enrollment now numbers near 17,000 with approximately 8,000 members residing in the Lawton-Ft.Sill and surrounding areas of Southwest Oklahoma. The Comanche Nation complex is located nine miles north of Lawton, Oklahoma and employs about 400 people.


The Comanche Nation Constitution (PDF).


Emergency Management

For Disaster Related Assistance Call the EM Hotline

EM Hotline: 580-492-3628




Contact Us

Ph: (580) 492 3240
Fax: (580) 492 3796

Toll Free: 1 877 492 4988


Mailing Address

P.O. Box 908

Lawton, OK 73502


Physical Address

584 NW Bingo Road

Lawton, OK 73507

Public Address from Chairman Nelson PDF Print E-mail

Chairman's Public Statement July 2017

July 1, 2017

Dear Tribal Member,

It is our great pleasure to share with you your portion of an $8 Million dividend distribution. This $478 check is not a Per Capita payment and will not affect that distribution in November. Also, there are no taxes associated with these funds as specified by the Comanche Nation IRS Specialist and the Tribal General Welfare Exclusion Act of 2014, Section 139E of the Internal Revenue Code.

We were able to obtain and share the funds through numerous means; winning a lawsuit, staying within budget, excess from 2016 fiscal year, rents, leases and running the Tribe as a business. You are reaping the rewards from those actions.

In order to negotiate (receive) these funds for a minor, you must provide proof of paternity or guardianship by presenting their birth certificate. The name on the birth certificate and check must match. If the name of the parent/guardian on the back of the certificate has changed (i.e. marriage or divorce) that parent will need to provide a marriage certificate or divorce decree so the bank can identify the parent is the correct person. Parent/guardian(s) listed on the back of the birth certificate are the only ones who can negotiate the check and must have valid ID (driver's license, state ID or tribal ID card). Additionally, the guardian must be present in order to negotiate the check for minor.


For adults negotiating checks you must present a valid ID as listed above. There are no stipulations or provisions for those negotiating checks at out of state banks as all banks have their own policies/procedures.

It is important that you cash or deposit the enclosed check within 90 days or the check will be null and void and the funds reverted back to the Tribe. We have a certified accountant handling this process.

Should you have any questions please call the Comanche Tribal Headquarters (877) 492-4988. A task force is assigned for any and all verification of checks returned regulated by the certified accountant. Calls should not be placed or made to City National Bank.

We have numerous projects on the horizon. With your support and prayers, we expect to continue in this positive and progressive direction which in turn benefits you.

We thank you for voting June 3rd to approve this $8 Million dividend distribution. Our prayer is that it will richly bless your family. Be good to one another is our only wish.


Chairman William Nelson, Sr. and the Comanche Business Committee

"Platform for the People" Panel Discussion (Part 3) PDF Print E-mail

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July 2017 CBC Meeting Rescheduled PDF Print E-mail

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