Comanche Language Planning Group (CLPG)


The mission of Comanche Language Planning Group is to research and develop a strategic plan that would focus on revitalizing the Comanche Language.



The CLPG is a group of CBC Members, department directors, and employees who have been meeting since August 2017 to come up with ideas and strategies to revitalize the critically endangered Comanche language.

It's goals are to:

  • Design a strategic plan to establish a language revitalization program and facility
  • Get feedback from the tribal community on concerns and suggestions about revitalizing the Comanche Language
  • Develop a curriculum to teach Comanche language
  • Identify and document all known Comanche language speakers, teachers, and educators
  • Assess available language materials in existence including photos, printed documents and records, recordings, videos, and collections
  • Seek the guidance of experts with a track record of success in the fields of linguistics, immersion, and language revitalization
  • Determine the challenges and obstacles that hinder the progress of revitalizing the Comanche Language
  • Identify what new media technology would be most beneficial in teaching, archiving, and making the Comanche Language accessible to tribal members

Comanche Language Planning Group (CLPG)

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