Comanche Voters Reminder

Thu, 04/05/2018 - 8:02am

Comanche Tribal Voters:

    The Election Office would like to request that you take the opportunity to sign and notarize the Absentee Ballot Request form, even if you are not registering as an absentee voter. Please return the signed and notarized form in the envelope provided. The Election Office is establishing a Comanche Nation Voter Registry database to strengthen the tribal election process. The intent of a Voter Registration System is to create a “Benchmark Signature” of each eligible Comanche Voter, for verification purposes of Absentee Voting by ballot and may also be used in the verification of signatures taken in support of a Petition. Local tribal members may also come directly to the Election Office located at the Main Tribal Complex, to have their form notarized.

    The Election Office would also like to remind eligible Comanche Voters that per the Election Policy Section 400 – “Ballot Question Proposal”, any tribal member wishing to be placed on the April 21st Annual Meeting agenda must submit their documents by April 6th to the Election Coordinator. The “Ballot Question” proposal, Tribal Resolution or Discussion Topic will be reviewed by the CBC and Tribal Attorney as to Tribal Impact, Constitutionality and correlation to any tribal laws or regulations that are in place. This submission policy action is intended to provide an environment in which tribal members may effectively discuss topics or propose law in an organized, professional and structured manner. After review, approved “Ballot Questions” will be posted on the Election Office Webpage for all tribal members to review prior to voting on proposed items during the April 21st Annual Meeting at Watchetaker Hall. If approved at the Annual Meeting by a majority vote, “Ballot Questions” will then appear on the General Election Ballot on May 19th.


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